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Apple logo on a Macbook reflecting the leaves and branches of a tree

I'm Digital Dan.
Your Millennial
Apple Device

Danny sitting in front of an Apple computer at a desk filled with books, paint brushes, architectural sculptures, a plant, and a globe


Greetings from Ventura, California!


My name is Danny Aijian. With over 12 years of experience as a manager and training facilitator in the Learning and Development field, I have developed a mastery in both patience, and hands-on technology training for both adult learners and young minds. 


Utilizing a unique method of learner-driven training called "Lead Learning Out," my goal in supporting you with training and troubleshooting, is to empower you to develop the critical thinking and "in-the-moment" analysis skills to use when you need help with your own Apple devices at home, out and about, while traveling, or even helping your own friends and family!

Whether you are new to Apple, have had an iPhone or iPad for years and just want to learn a little bit more, or are a seasoned pro and need a little inspiration, my offerings of personalized trainings, guided curriculums, and project-based creative coaching sessions provide something for everyone.

Explore the variety of sessions available, and stay tuned for special seasonal topics!   

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